5 ways Angry Birds is influencing our youth

Lately, Angry Birds is everywhere! Sometimes, I feel sorry for those poor feathered friends. I get to sit in the office and work with these amazing people while they’re being flung via slingshot at discolored pigs. On the bright side, here is how they’re helping!

1. Develop Persistence – Many young people today don’t have motivation to complete anything they begin. The hard word and dedication to this game shows that today’s youth does have the potential to put effort into a task; even if that task is the demolition of wood, glass, and green pigs via bird.

2. Improve Aim and Precision – with obstacles arranged in such unique fashion, users are required to think about where they are going to send their birds. Since you are limited to the number of tries, this is an important deduction skill.

3. Enhance Color Recognition – Different colored birds have different super powers, for example green birds boomerang, red birds split into three, etc. This forces the frontal lobe of the brain to remain active in recognizing which move to make and how to utilize each bird.

4. Encouraging Diversity – Aside from the fact that the point of the game is to “kill” green pigs, the user is also subject to many different birds and characters.

5. Gateway Drug to addicting games – Having played Angry Birds, and now playing ” Fun With Death,” which falls into the same category of destruction and precision and aim, it is clear that Angry Birds is a gate way drug. That’s right, a gateway drug to addicting games that will take up our time and prevent us from doing work. Is there a way to balance our time between Angry Birds and professional work? I’ll let you know later…I’m about to advance to the next level 😉


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On the set

Hey everyone!

We went out on a film shoot the other day with a new client, Gordon’s Windows.

A lot of the people have been working there for a long time, over ten years for some of them! You can tell they took pride in their work and what Gordon’s stood for.  There was so much going on in the production room my feathers were standing on end with anticipation of what was going to happen next!

Everyone was so friendly there, even Emma, the store dog! Bryan, Johnny and I went around filming EVERYTHING! They were busy getting different angles and a variance of B-Roll. It’s important to them to get as much footage as possible so they don’t waste any time searching for footage later on.

Looking at a business from show room to production is a great way to understand not only how a company functions as a team but how every aspect is important. Gordan’s is all about quality. Each individual person knows that in order to get the job done they have to trust each other to do their jobs properly.

I’m so blessed to be working at a company that gets the opportunity to really build relationships with businesses. If every business let people into their own “behind the scenes” story, consumers would have a much better connection to the products they are purchasing. The pride and confidence these employees carry for their work is absolutely amazing.

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Building New Partnerships

Partnerships happen in an instant.  As long as you keep an open mind to possibilities, great things can occur. Collaborations can even come from the most random inspirations. Take the newly released Ben and Jerry’s flavor for example. Jimmy Fallon, famed talk show host and Saturday Night Live Alumni, performed a sketch on his show The Late Night Show, inspired by his love for the Vermont based ice cream company. From there, a partnership was formed and The Late Night Snack flavor was produced.

When you run a business that gains attention for it’s creativity, such as a sketch show or video production firm like Hen House, you never know what can come of it. For example, Hen House did a video for Biotek Instruments here in Vermont. The video was called “The Lab” and it was a product release video for the new Epoch system they implemented. Then, for the launch of the video, Biotek utilized the services of Vermont Teddy Bear! View the video and see if you can figure out where they partnered 🙂

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Representing Business

I’m sure that by now you’ve heard of Gilbert Gottfried’s “resignation” from his position at AFLAC. For those of you who don’t know, Gottfried played voice to the lovable mascot, the AFLAC Duck. While I’m not a fan of that particular poultry (bad experience with a blind date back in ’74, she was way too greasy!) I felt some compassion for the story.

Gottfried, who has been the voice of AFLAC since the year 2000, made some poor personal decisions that went public very quickly. Following the Tsunami’s in Japan Gottfried decided to post some poor humored jokes on his twitter page and was in return “released” from his position. AFLAC maintains 75% of their business in Japan, therefore keeping Gottfried on as a team member could prove detrimental to their overseas partnerships.

I can’t help but wonder what he was thinking! When you’re a public figure, like an actor or a comedian, you’ve got to understand that there is an attention radar that follows you. Very few have been able to avoid this. Though your fans, friends and family may think your crude humor jokes are funny, there is no room for that kind of cruel humor at the expensive of the victims of this disaster..

From a Public Relations stand-point, AFLAC did exactly as they should have.  Since starting up in 1955, AFLAC has become a fortune 500 company and has gained national recognition. In order to keep their name in high standings, they must monitor the behaviors of all who make up the company.

We deal with similar issues at Hen House. We work with clients who maintain social responsibility, hold similar morals to our own and who work with us towards a goal of helping spread a message. If one of our clients were to make a poor ethical decision, it would be in our best interest to discontinue our relationship. Being Socially Responsible is an integral part of professionalism in any industry.

This also raises a question about social media and the responsibility that it requires. There are professional and personal uses for social media. When you hold a position of pwer or celebrity, is it be possible to use social media at your leisure or is everything you post going to be a representation of your professional career?  My opinion is that who you are in your personal life represents what you’d be like to work with professionally.  As made evident by Gottfried, celebrities can hinder their own careers by poorly using social media.

Be careful out there!


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Fedder LePeque

To those of you who are not familiar with me, I find it important to introduce myself.

My name is Fedder LePeque, CEO and Agency Avian for Hen House Media, LLC. I work with Bryan Agran, Johnny Mendez and the other chickens here. We’re a Vermont production house that provides exceptional service to clients, both locally and nationally, that have reached local and overseas consumers.

Johnny and I met many years ago one faithful summer afternoon. It was fate that he stopped and spoke to me amongst all my peers and chose me. He recognized me from my work in Montreal. You can’t hear my accent, but I’m French Canadian and very proud. He treated me to a fine lunch with his In-Laws and we spent the entire day together. I’ve been working with him ever since.

Part of the benefit of working for a company like Hen House is they have not only some of the best clients in the world but are amazing people to work for. They may have fallen behind in their own blogging endeavors, but here I am to pick up their slack and let you all know whats going on in the jungles of their brains.

Blogging means I will be focusing on other happenings in the industry as well as what goes on in the office. Amidst the Hen House barn of chickens and angry cows there are plenty of creative juices flowing (eew). We’ll do our best to keep you up to date on what happens here, but we may require a kick in the butt from you all via comments or questions to keep us up and running!

Just another day in the office.

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Social Media and Promotion

Here at the Hen House, we’re familiar with social media and roughly how to use it effectively. In the business world social media is an important thing to understand. Twitter has 15million active users. Face book has 175million active users. Linked in, the career oriented social media site, has 50million members. Astonishingly, there are over 700million local businesses with Face book pages.

So why is this information important? The answer may be understanding an audience. For a business like a wedding magazine or company focusing on young adults, social media should be a large part of their outreach. 70% of bloggers organically speak about the brands in their lives. With over 230,000,000 people with access to the internet, that’s a large sum of people blogging even if you’d like to assume that even half that number are bloggers.

When it comes to Business to Business organizations, like us here at Hen House, social media is a great way to help promote your own business. We spend hours helping our clients produce quality videos that they can use and be proud of, yet here at Hen House we do minimal to promote ourselves.

Utilizing Social Media as a cheap and easy way to promote yourself is a smart idea for any individually owned business. Being a Business to Business operation leaves little time for self promotion, therefore it is always important to understand what ways you can get attention from  supporters! Be sure to join us on face book if you haven’t already and follow us on Twitter!

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