Social Media and Promotion

Here at the Hen House, we’re familiar with social media and roughly how to use it effectively. In the business world social media is an important thing to understand. Twitter has 15million active users. Face book has 175million active users. Linked in, the career oriented social media site, has 50million members. Astonishingly, there are over 700million local businesses with Face book pages.

So why is this information important? The answer may be understanding an audience. For a business like a wedding magazine or company focusing on young adults, social media should be a large part of their outreach. 70% of bloggers organically speak about the brands in their lives. With over 230,000,000 people with access to the internet, that’s a large sum of people blogging even if you’d like to assume that even half that number are bloggers.

When it comes to Business to Business organizations, like us here at Hen House, social media is a great way to help promote your own business. We spend hours helping our clients produce quality videos that they can use and be proud of, yet here at Hen House we do minimal to promote ourselves.

Utilizing Social Media as a cheap and easy way to promote yourself is a smart idea for any individually owned business. Being a Business to Business operation leaves little time for self promotion, therefore it is always important to understand what ways you can get attention from  supporters! Be sure to join us on face book if you haven’t already and follow us on Twitter!


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