Fedder LePeque

To those of you who are not familiar with me, I find it important to introduce myself.

My name is Fedder LePeque, CEO and Agency Avian for Hen House Media, LLC. I work with Bryan Agran, Johnny Mendez and the other chickens here. We’re a Vermont production house that provides exceptional service to clients, both locally and nationally, that have reached local and overseas consumers.

Johnny and I met many years ago one faithful summer afternoon. It was fate that he stopped and spoke to me amongst all my peers and chose me. He recognized me from my work in Montreal. You can’t hear my accent, but I’m French Canadian and very proud. He treated me to a fine lunch with his In-Laws and we spent the entire day together. I’ve been working with him ever since.

Part of the benefit of working for a company like Hen House is they have not only some of the best clients in the world but are amazing people to work for. They may have fallen behind in their own blogging endeavors, but here I am to pick up their slack and let you all know whats going on in the jungles of their brains.

Blogging means I will be focusing on other happenings in the industry as well as what goes on in the office. Amidst the Hen House barn of chickens and angry cows there are plenty of creative juices flowing (eew). We’ll do our best to keep you up to date on what happens here, but we may require a kick in the butt from you all via comments or questions to keep us up and running!

Just another day in the office.


About henhousemedia

CEO Hen House Media Business Traveler
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