Building New Partnerships

Partnerships happen in an instant.  As long as you keep an open mind to possibilities, great things can occur. Collaborations can even come from the most random inspirations. Take the newly released Ben and Jerry’s flavor for example. Jimmy Fallon, famed talk show host and Saturday Night Live Alumni, performed a sketch on his show The Late Night Show, inspired by his love for the Vermont based ice cream company. From there, a partnership was formed and The Late Night Snack flavor was produced.

When you run a business that gains attention for it’s creativity, such as a sketch show or video production firm like Hen House, you never know what can come of it. For example, Hen House did a video for Biotek Instruments here in Vermont. The video was called “The Lab” and it was a product release video for the new Epoch system they implemented. Then, for the launch of the video, Biotek utilized the services of Vermont Teddy Bear! View the video and see if you can figure out where they partnered 🙂


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