On the set

Hey everyone!

We went out on a film shoot the other day with a new client, Gordon’s Windows.

A lot of the people have been working there for a long time, over ten years for some of them! You can tell they took pride in their work and what Gordon’s stood for.  There was so much going on in the production room my feathers were standing on end with anticipation of what was going to happen next!

Everyone was so friendly there, even Emma, the store dog! Bryan, Johnny and I went around filming EVERYTHING! They were busy getting different angles and a variance of B-Roll. It’s important to them to get as much footage as possible so they don’t waste any time searching for footage later on.

Looking at a business from show room to production is a great way to understand not only how a company functions as a team but how every aspect is important. Gordan’s is all about quality. Each individual person knows that in order to get the job done they have to trust each other to do their jobs properly.

I’m so blessed to be working at a company that gets the opportunity to really build relationships with businesses. If every business let people into their own “behind the scenes” story, consumers would have a much better connection to the products they are purchasing. The pride and confidence these employees carry for their work is absolutely amazing.


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