5 ways Angry Birds is influencing our youth

Lately, Angry Birds is everywhere! Sometimes, I feel sorry for those poor feathered friends. I get to sit in the office and work with these amazing people while they’re being flung via slingshot at discolored pigs. On the bright side, here is how they’re helping!

1. Develop Persistence – Many young people today don’t have motivation to complete anything they begin. The hard word and dedication to this game shows that today’s youth does have the potential to put effort into a task; even if that task is the demolition of wood, glass, and green pigs via bird.

2. Improve Aim and Precision – with obstacles arranged in such unique fashion, users are required to think about where they are going to send their birds. Since you are limited to the number of tries, this is an important deduction skill.

3. Enhance Color Recognition – Different colored birds have different super powers, for example green birds boomerang, red birds split into three, etc. This forces the frontal lobe of the brain to remain active in recognizing which move to make and how to utilize each bird.

4. Encouraging Diversity – Aside from the fact that the point of the game is to “kill” green pigs, the user is also subject to many different birds and characters.

5. Gateway Drug to addicting games – Having played Angry Birds, and now playing ” Fun With Death,” which falls into the same category of destruction and precision and aim, it is clear that Angry Birds is a gate way drug. That’s right, a gateway drug to addicting games that will take up our time and prevent us from doing work. Is there a way to balance our time between Angry Birds and professional work? I’ll let you know later…I’m about to advance to the next level 😉



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